ilixi_logoilixi development started as an experimental project to gain insight into graphical user interface technologies and application development for low-end Linux devices in 2010 by Tarik Sekmen.

First version (ilixi-0.0.1) was made public in April 2011 on directfb.org. A special application called Maestro was included showing IPC capabilities of Fusion library. Maestro allowed switching between few example applications, e.g. media player, system monitor.

In 2012, Tarik joined DirectFB developers and started working at DirectFB integrated media GmbH, Berlin. This tight integration with DirectFB creators provided an opportunity to further improve ilixi’s codebase. During that period ilixi also served as a base UI toolkit for some technology demos.

ilixi-1.0.0 was released in 2013 and it was used in various products in USA, Poland, India, Korea and China for the first time.