ilixi 1.0.0 is available

Long awaited ilixi release is here; it is optimised and production ready (thanks to DirectFB's core developers).

There are updates and fixes to rendering and look-and-feel, e.g. we dropped cairo rendering of widgets and instead used blitting for better performance. We plan to add cairo support back again as an alternative in the future.

Some new features are:

  • Platform manager which helps specify options for layer and window use
  • i18n support via gettext
  • Main loop customisation
  • Sound effects (either via compositor component or application itself)
  • 2D transformations
  • Font caching and fontconfig support
  • Input helper for character based languages (currently only wnn is supported)

The new ilixi 1.0.0 release is available from here.

ilxr: A quick installer script for ilixi

We have been receiving complaints from people because it is cumbersome to install ilixi for newcomers. So, here is a simple bash script to help install ilixi and its dependencies on your host machine (Debian/Ubuntu).

You can get your copy here and run some of the latest demos.

Thanks to Erdem Budak for his contribution.

DirectFB and ilixi running on R-CarH1

Here is another video which demonstrates the latest features and capabilities of DirectFB and ilixi such as OpenGL support, accelerated compositing, application management, WebKit based lightweight browser, IPC and a notifications subsystem.

The developtment of sample applications, improvements to compositor and optimisations have been sponsored by Renesas.

For more technical information, please see the slides of presentation from Automotive Linux Summit 2012.

WebKit port now available for testing

We are excited to announce the port of WebKit engine to ilixi. Our next goal is to improve things for inclusion in upstream.

The port uses already existing DirectFB bindings for graphics operations. Users can choose to use cairo-directfb for vector graphics as well. There are still some legacy dependencies we like to weed out so it should become a very minimal solution in the end.

Click here for more information.

About next release

We are currently working on a new look and feel for ilixi. Our goal is to create a fluid UI using minimal resources so it can be used in automotive systems with hardware acceleration. Next release will have improved stability and resource management, and feature ilixi compositor with some examples of inter-process communication.


There is also an ongoing effort to port WebKit for ilixi. This port is currently included in latest WebKitDFB tree as an optional toolkit (LiTE or ilixi).